RS Project is in charge to create and develop FIA 2018 New York City ePrix Circuit Design.

The New York City ePrix is an annual race of the single-seater, electrically powered Formula E championship held in Brooklyn, New York. The 2018 New York City ePrix, will be a two-race event on July 14–15, 2018. 

The track will be extended to 1.55 miles (2.45 km) in length with 4 new corners. It predominantly follows the existing layout of the streets and parking areas of the terminal, separated from the rest of the street plan of Red Hook. The main and second straights uses the north-south stretch of Bowne Street (which turns south after entering the terminal area), adjacent to Pier 11 of the terminal. Instead of the tight hairpin the extension will go through Pier 10, then it will curve west, and then parallels Clinton Wharf towards the Buttermilk Channel coastline.

The ePrix is raced on the Brooklyn Street Circuit. The Brooklyn Street Circuit is a street circuit in the Red Hook neighborhood of the New York City borough of Brooklyn, adjacent to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal along Brooklyn’s west coast. It was created for the New York City ePrix of the single-seater, electrically powered Formula E championship. Its first use was during the 2016–17 Formula E season when it hosted the 2017 New York City ePrix.

The track offers views of the Lower Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty.